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Open-Xchange appoints Dirk Valbert as Chief Financial Officer

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admin Sep 1, 2020


Secure email transport required by the German Federal Office

By Peter Höbel – Senior Security Architect Open-Xchange

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admin May 26, 2016


Q&A: The New OX Family

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admin May 28, 2015

Data Privacy & Open Internet

SXSW: OX Takes on the Broken Internet with Passcode, New America Foundation and More

By Rafael Laguna, CEO, Open-Xchange 

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admin Mar 2, 2015

Productivity | Data Privacy & Open Internet | Email

Opening Up to Trusted Email Services

By Rafael Laguna, CEO, Open-Xchange

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admin Feb 26, 2015

Security | Data Privacy & Open Internet

Who should control how you and your friends´ personal information is used 

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admin Nov 1, 2013

Productivity | Data Privacy & Open Internet

Five Reasons HTML 5 Will Succeed in the Mobile, Post PC, Cloud Era

As a Web App company you would expect us to be very bullish on HTML 5 and the latest developments in the JavaScript space. Our development team is very busy creating the next generation of Open-Xchange aggressively using the combination of HTML 5 and...

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admin Apr 12, 2012