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Keeping your family safe and secure online

Alexander ter Haar on Aug 27, 2018

Securing all of the various devices in your home is vital to prevent cyber-attacks and to close gateways to harmful content. But this can be tough when you have an entire family to protect, which may include youn...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: Vade Secure

Frederic Maussion on Aug 21, 2018

According to Cofense, a successful phishing attack costs a mid-sized organization $1.6 million on average. Moreover, FBI data reveals that losses from spear phishing or business email compromise (BEC) attacks top...

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IoT security is not A-OK

Neil Cook on Aug 9, 2018

Everyone knows that the internet can be a dangerous place. Phishing continues to increase in volume and effectiveness, affecting everybody from private users to internet giants like Google and Facebook. Meanwhile...

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ID4me – a global open standard for every user’s digital Identity

The Editorial Team on Jul 25, 2018

Many users are tired of remembering hundreds of usernames and passwords. Only a short percentage of users is changing their passwords on a regular base. And when choosing a password „easy to remember“ usually bea...

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Open-Xchange releases new major versions of OX App Suite, OX Documents and ...

Stephan Specketer on Jul 4, 2018

We are excited to announce the release of three new major product versions: OX App Suite and OX Documents are now available in version 7.10 and OX Guard is now available in version 2.10. In version 7.10, the easy...

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Open source = privacy. Closed source = privacy of a certain sort.

Vittorio Bertola on May 23, 2018

Ben Thompson of Stratechery recently wrote a blog post arguing that open, federated messaging systems are inherently less secure than their closed counterparts. I disagree with his opinion. It has been claimed th...

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OX Guard and the EFAIL Vulnerability

Rafael Laguna on May 16, 2018

On Monday, a German and Belgian research team posted a paper demonstrating a potential vulnerability in PGP and SMIME encrypted emails, named EFAIL. The described vulnerability may result in some email clients le...

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What Spectre and Meltdown mean for OX Customers

Neil Cook on Jan 12, 2018

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Upholding the standard: Learnings from ISO 27001 Certification

Carsten Dirks on Nov 24, 2017

Three years ago we secured our first ISO 27001 certification, including the year of preparation, this was more than 4 years ago! At that time our company had around 100 employees, now we are at almost 260. We’ve ...

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ActivePlatform cloud brokerage system enables OX, considered for nation-wid...

guest on Sep 12, 2017

Open-Xchange (OX) offering has been very popular among resellers, cloud solution providers, telecom operators and enterprises in mature economies in EU. Demand for Open-Xchange mailbox bundles can be explained by...

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