ActivePlatform cloud brokerage system enables OX, considered for nation-wide implementations

Sep 12, 2017

Open-Xchange (OX) offering has been very popular among resellers, cloud solution providers, telecom operators and enterprises in mature economies in EU. Demand for Open-Xchange mailbox bundles can be explained by the feeling that it is an ideal solution for small and medium sized businesses that demand reliable email services, better connectivity, collaboration, and mobility at affordable rates.

One of the key market penetration strategies for OX as a software vendor is a strategy of pursuing nation-wide initiatives with national service providers. OX platform implementations on a local service provider infrastructure can enable en mass delivery of OX email bundles as anchor service.

ActivePlatform as a full-service automated cloud brokerage system with a variety of implementation options is a matching tool for OX to target and deliver OX to customer segments at national scale: consumers (mobile users), SMB, Enterprise, and public-sector organizations. In August 2017 ActivePlatform was listed as a representative vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Cloud Service Brokerage (1). Gartner identified ActivePlatform as a representative platform vendor in the Cloud Brokerage Service Platforms category.

Building service provider infrastructure with automated brokerage system for cloud delivery and billing, and OX email platform implementation is a non-trivial project and requires technical mastership. Firstly, to build such OX email system and deliver it commercially nationally, service providers need to build the underlying technical infrastructure. Secondly, they need to assure installation, set up, and adaptation for all participating software components in the infrastructure, brokerage system, and email platform itself. Thirdly, tight integration with existing billing, consumption monitoring, helpdesk systems of a national service provider is a critical success factor of operationalizing the commercial side of email service offering.

OX integration into ActivePlatform marketplace addresses the tasks mentioned above. ActivePlatform integrates with a service provider existing infrastructure and software, such as server farms virtualization and billing systems, and helps to build and operate cloud business on a national scale with greater confidence and efficiency.

ActivePlatform enables bundling OX email services with other cloud services like security and spam filtering, web application firewall, etc. By providing simplified administration through central management and enabling critical visibility into cloud services consumption and usage ActivePlatform helps cloud business managers and audience segment marketers manage an attractive average revenue per user (ARPU).

The key is for the service provider to make the multi-cloud marketplace available, and to ensure its administration and integration is as frictionless as possible. ActivePlatform has developed a platform with a cloud provider-facing marketplace and an enterprise-facing storefront that is designed to meet these needs.

Learn how we can help your business succeed by scheduling a meeting with us at the OX Summit in Brussels, or find more information on our website

ActivePlatform makes a demo stand with OX email platform integrated available to interested viewers upon request to Kirill Sharshakov, Manager, Client Relations and Platform Sales. To discuss commercial aspects of OX delivery on ActivePlatform, please contact Andrey Rogovoy, Director of Business Development and Commerce.

For service providers interested in learning about strategic partnership options with ActivePlatform and about ActivePlatform Alliance, the information kit can be requested by emailing to Andrey Orlov, Director of Client Relations and Strategic Partnerships.


(1) Gartner, Inc. “Market Guide for Cloud Service Brokerage” by Sid Nag, Research Director, IT Outsourcing and Infrastructure, August 23, 2017. ID: G00317574

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