Alexander ter Haar

Alexander ter Haar
PowerDNS Product Management

Production-ready PowerDNS Cloud Control available

Alexander ter Haar on Dec 5, 2022

DNS is one of the vital components of the internet, invisibly making the internet work for everyone for almost four decades. It needs to be rock-solid, in terms of reliability, performance and scalability. PowerD...

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DNS encryption in OX PowerDNS: where we are

Alexander ter Haar on Jul 13, 2021

Back in 2018, when the IETF introduced two standards on DNS encryption, Open-Xchange and PowerDNS were amongst the first to adopt and offer encrypted DNS through DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) and DNS-over-TLS (DoT).

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Open-Xchange releases DNSdist 1.6.0

Alexander ter Haar on May 21, 2021

Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of DNSdist 1.6.0, the latest version of its state-of-the-art DNS-aware load balancer, which protects, balances and filters internet users’ DNS traffic in front of O...

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DNSdist 1.5.0 delivers enhancements for DoH and better performance

Alexander ter Haar on Jul 31, 2020

Open-Xchange has launched the latest version of DNSdist – our unique DNS proxy and load balancer that optimizes the internet experience of hundreds of millions of internet subscribers.

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Businesses demand protection from their providers

Alexander ter Haar on Jun 4, 2020

Keeping a company’s network secure is a challenge, especially when employees are working from home and without the physical control offered by the company’s IT security infrastructure. As a result, businesses are...

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Encrypt your DNS traffic with DNSdist 1.4.0

Alexander ter Haar on Nov 27, 2019

PowerDNS is excited to announce the release of a new version of its DNS loadbalancer DNSdist. DNSdist is a unique DNS proxy and load balancer that brings out the best possible performance in any DNS deployment an...

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PowerDNS Recursor v4.2.0 is Available

Alexander ter Haar on Aug 20, 2019

This summer PowerDNS released PowerDNS Recursor 4.2.0. This release comes with several new and improved features as well as contributions to the DNS flagday initiative. We would like to thank all involved develop...

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DNS: the solution to online security and control

Alexander ter Haar on Sep 14, 2018

Internet service providers all aim to provide fast and reliable access. With the growing importance of the Internet and the explosion in the number of connected devices in a household, improving security is becom...

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Keeping your family safe and secure online

Alexander ter Haar on Aug 27, 2018

Securing all of the various devices in your home is vital to prevent cyber-attacks and to close gateways to harmful content. But this can be tough when you have an entire family to protect, which may include youn...

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