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Michael Sluzars
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OX Dovecot Pro v2.3.6: Highlights

OX Dovecot Pro v2.3.6 was released on 7 May 2019.  Two new features in this version are described below; additional features and fixes can be found in the Release Notes.

New obox Index Merge Algorithm

This release introduces a new mailbox index merging...

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Michael Sluzars May 23, 2019

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OX Dovecot Pro and Lua

As 2019 begins, we at Open-Xchange would like to provide you with an update and a few details regarding the latest OX Dovecot Pro releases and new features. In this post, we discuss the addition of Lua-based functionality to OX Dovecot Pro.

Lua (...

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Michael Sluzars Feb 14, 2019