Regain Control of Your Messaging Environment with Cloudmark Security Platform

Sep 23, 2015

Cloudmark Security Platform is a high performance messaging security solution that enables industry-leading protection against malicious threats such as, spam, phishing and malware, which result in user data theft, increased customer service call volumes and potential brand damage.

Cloudmark Security Platform provides detailed threat intelligence, real-time threat detection, and a flexible policy engine to deliver clean messaging traffic, protecting users and slashing infrastructure costs associated with typical anti-abuse systems.

With superior performance, faster detection and flexible deployment, Cloudmark Security Platform offers an advanced security layer that integrates seamlessly into any messaging system architecture.

Find out how you can secure your messaging infrastructure from ever-evolving threats at OX Summit 2015. Talk with Cloudmark messaging security experts to learn how.

For more information on Cloudmark Security Platform solutions please visit:

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