New Version of eM Client for OX App Suite

Nov 23, 2017

Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of a new version of eM Client for OX App Suite. eM Client for OX App Suite is a full-featured, easy to use, local email client for Windows users. As well as email, eM Client for OX App Suite also support for calendar, tasks and contacts. It can also be used as an offline client for OX App Suite that automatically synchronizes with the OX App Suite server as soon as the user is back online again.

The eM Client is ideal for users looking for a desktop client, with offline capabilities, which seamlessly works with their existing OX App Suite account. It uses proven open industry standard protocols, such as IMAP, SMTP and Card-CalDav, to connect to OX App Suite. All this ensures that the eM Client is robust, stable and efficient. User on-boarding is made simple by the provision of automatic pre-configurations, and a familiar email client design makes user adoption simple and effortless.

The OX App Suite Middleware is designed to be used either through a browser or from a wide variety of clients. This gives end-users the freedom to use the client of their choice. Also it should be noted that there is little difference in the main features offered by each client. Users can access their OX App Suite account through the browser, using eM Client on the desktop or via a mobile device.

Design Improvements
- New modern interface with additional themes
- Customizable Toolbars
- Manual Setup with Custom Wizard

Mail Improvements
- Conversation View
- Send Mails delayed
- Translation of incoming messages
- Optional encryption of mails using PGP

Calendar and Contacts Improvements
- Improved Calendar Invites
- Support 3rd Party Calendars
- Online Avatar Downloading


What’s New in General and Feature Overview

Open-Xchange now provides more detailed overviews, and Feature Overview documents, about all new product releases. This can be found at

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