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Open-Xchange at FOSDEM 2020: When will messaging via email crash the monopolies?

In February Open-Xchange are returning to Brussels for FOSDEM, Europe’s leading gathering of the open source community. A lot has happened since I spoke at last year’s conference and introduced the then new COI (Chat-Over-IMAP) initiative.

Over the past...

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Robert Virkus Jan 16, 2020

Open-Xchange reveals first COI based app to the world

In Madrid, at the Open-Xchange summit, on the 17th October 2019, CEO Rafael Laguna and COI Product Manager Robert Virkus stood on stage and demonstrated the first-ever COI based app. The OX COI Messenger app was then simultaneously made available to the...

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Robert Virkus Dec 16, 2019

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COI Soon to Become Reality

The Open-Xchange COI (Chat Over IMAP) project, launched to create a new and open alternative to chat, is reaching a major milestone. Both a COI-enabled Dovecot email sever and an open source COI app have recently entered the Open-Xchange QA labs for...

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Robert Virkus Oct 1, 2019

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CloudFest 2019 – A Recap

With over 7000 participants from all over the world, this year’s CloudFest, in the Europa Park amusement park, was a party we at Open-Xchange really can´t miss out on.

For me this was my very first "Work Hard, Play Hard" CloudFest, formerly known as...

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Robert Virkus Apr 10, 2019

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Open-Xchange Leads the Formation of a New Open Chat Standard - COI

At the end of last year, Open-Xchange started a project to create a new base protocol with the goal of building its own chat system. During this process, Open-Xchange noticed that the world of chat was held in controlled and monopolized silos.

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Robert Virkus Mar 21, 2019

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The OX Mail app v2.0

Open-Xchange has just launched a completely rewritten mail app for iOS and Android with OX Mail v2. This new app is optimized for mobile usage with offline support, straightforward navigation as well as a super simple onboarding experience.

OX Mail...

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Robert Virkus Jun 30, 2018

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New Version of eM Client for OX App Suite

Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of a new version of eM Client for OX App Suite. eM Client for OX App Suite is a full-featured, easy to use, local email client for Windows users. As well as email, eM Client for OX App Suite also support...

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Robert Virkus Nov 23, 2017

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Mobile World Congress: Update from Barcelona

As every year, Barcelona is calling the mobile industry to show their latest and greatest gadgets and services. Here are my impressions and insights from 2017.

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Robert Virkus Mar 3, 2017


App Development Predictions for 2017

Let’s kick off the year with a prophetic look into our crystal ball… What will be the hot topics of 2017? The rise of the ecosystem apps

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Robert Virkus Jan 12, 2017