Integrating OX efficiently into customers’ environments

Aug 29, 2016

How enterprises benefit from the collaboration between Open-Xchange and their integration partner tarent solutions.

Successfully meeting the needs of numerous companies and enterprises for 20 years, tarent solutions supports Open-Xchange as a long-standing service provider and partner for well-known telecommunication and IT businesses in Europe and the USA. With the knowledge and expertise of around 150 employees, the company, based in Bonn and Berlin, creates high-quality applications for OX and its customers.

As an integration partner, tarent offers design, implementation, and support services of system interfaces covering migration, provisioning, and application integration. These interfaces are explicitly built for ease of use and efficient integration.

At OX Summit in Frankfurt, Stephan Martin, Senior Vice President Services at OX, and Boris Esser, Managing Director at tarent solutions, will present joint projects, the challenges, and the solutions. They discuss the cost effectiveness of the cooperation from the customer’s point of view and answer the most important question:

What exactly is the real benefit for the client?

Technically, tarent integrates various OX backend components and provides OX end users with easy-to-use business interfaces. For provisioning tasks, both a provisioning API and middleware are available, which allow background synchronization of user data and settings. For connecting the customer care front-ends and similar applications, the Customer Integration API enables direct, synchronous data access.

The primary goals of the cooperation between tarent and OX are increasing value for the customer and minimizing the time and money the customer needs to spend for “their” personal OX integration. While transforming its integration services into a product, tarent regularly increases the degree of automation and continuously extends a generic framework, offering significant benefits to OX’s customers.

Working together with both OX and its clients as a trustworthy partner, tarent continues to be the point of contact for service and maintenance after project completion.

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