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Apr 9, 2020


Technical training is the most efficient way to learn how to install and configure software. Our technical training courses are hands-on labs where each participant builds and configures their own fully operational multi-node environment. These courses were initially developed for internal purposes, to facilitate faster onboarding for our professional services, support, and operations staff members. We are now able to deliver modified versions of these courses to our customers, in an on-site, instructor-led classroom format.

The courses are designed to equip participants with a low-level understanding of our products, which would otherwise take years of experience with our software to develop.

Our training offerings include:

  • OX App Suite Configuration and Deployment (two courses)
  • Dovecot Configuration & Deployment
  • PowerDNS Administration

For more information, visit our training page or contact us directly.

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Owen Stevens

Owen Stevens

Director of Training

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