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OX Document Converter Explained

Malte Timmermann on Jan 19, 2015

The OX Document Converter is a product for converting different kind of documents into many formats. It can be obtained as part of OX App Suite or as a stand-alone product. Depending on the source and destination...

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OX Documents @ ODF Plugfest 2014 in London

Malte Timmermann on Dec 8, 2014

I am just attending the ODF Plugfest 2014 in London. There are many talks in a short time frame, so my time to present was really too short to give a good overview about what OX Documents can do. So I thought it ...

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Android, Chrome and composition events

The Editorial Team on Dec 2, 2014

This article describes our ups and downs using composition events (DOM Level 3 Events) on Chrome running on Android. So if you ever wondered why there is no fully supported Android version of OX Text, you can rea...

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OX Documents 7.6.1. What’s New Guide

Malte Timmermann on Nov 27, 2014

A few days ago we released OX Documents 7.6.1.

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Appserver – A proxying middleware for App Suite front-end development

Malte Timmermann on Nov 13, 2014

Earlier this year, we decided to publish appserver to the npm registry as a node module, so other developers can easily install it. We also put it on github, to allow easy contribution. The functionality is tight...

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OX Documents - Roundtrip and Operations

Malte Timmermann on Nov 13, 2014

OX Documents is an addition to OX App Suite Core, and provides apps for editing Text and Spreadsheet documents. The natively supported document formats are the XML formats from Microsoft Office (OOXML) and from O...

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What is OX App Suite?

Malte Timmermann on Nov 4, 2014

Product and License OX App Suite is a web based collaboration software. The core product provides modules for email, calendar, tasks and online storage. Additional modules for editing documents, for encrypted ema...

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Open-Xchange Techblog

Malte Timmermann on Nov 2, 2014

Welcome to the Open-Xchange Techblog!

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