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OX Mail is here – get it on your smartphone now

ReneOtto on Oct 28, 2015

Now, I know I don’t really need to tell you what email is. Or what it’s for, or why it’s important, or that people quite like to receive and send it from their phones these days (there are plenty of surveys out t...

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Powering the World’s Email with Trusted Internet Services

guest on Oct 16, 2015

Trust is the critical factor for making relationships between consumers and service providers sustainable. It’s vital that service providers are seen to be taking an active role in the privacy and security of the...

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Dispatch from CTIA Super Mobility 2015

Bob Krulcik on Sep 13, 2015

By Bob Krulcik, Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development – The Americas, Open-Xchange Each year I look forward to attending CTIA’s Super Mobility conference and this year’s event in Las Vegas did n...

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How to weave SaaS into your legacy business model

Rafael Laguna on Jul 27, 2015

With public infrastructure as a service (IaaS) giants like Amazon garnering all the attention, you’d be forgiven for thinking that’s where the cloud money lies. In reality though, the goldmine is buried elsewhere...

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Dovecot managed email is now available for $1 per Mailbox via Microsoft Azu...

guest on Jul 3, 2015

You may have heard via the Microsoft website that we’re offering Dovecot Mail as a Service via the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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Ohhh nooo, They did it again! API not A-OK

Rafael Laguna on Mar 13, 2015

We hate to be the bearers of bad news. Recently, we had to inform customers that the subscription capability of the OX App Suite contacts module that pulled data from users’ Facebook accounts, had to be disabled ...

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Opening Up to Trusted Email Services

The Editorial Team on Feb 26, 2015

There has never been any doubt that email is the one digital medium that businesses and consumers alike depend on the most. It’s a highly versatile tool in terms of simplicity, flexibility and universality that h...

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User Centricity – Or: How to package for sex, drugs and rock’n’roll

Maurice Hofmann on Nov 7, 2014

In the software world, feature lists still dominate the packaging meetings. How many features do I put in which package? Are there too many or too few features? How are those features distinguished from others? T...

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Technology from the German Rainforest takes it to the Silicon Valley old bo...

Rafael Laguna on Oct 23, 2014

It’s humbling for any company to be compared to industry behemoths that dominate a particular sector. When a relatively small software company from Germany is identified along with Microsoft and Oracle as a ‘Top ...

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Introducing Hostpoint Cloud Office. More than just email.

guest on Sep 2, 2014

Web hosting for everyone!’ was our motto when Hostpoint first switched on our servers back in 2001, and thirteen years later, this is truer than ever. Besides some of the biggest businesses in Switzerland includi...

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