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Rackspace chooses Open-Xchange’s Dovecot Pro on Scality Object Storage for ...

Christian on May 24, 2016

Nuremberg, Germany, May 24, 2016 – Dovecot, an OX company, has today announced that Rackspace, one of the largest managed cloud companies in the US, will be using Dovecot Pro to power Rackspace´s Email Platform, ...

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Dovecot market share jumps 11% to over two thirds of all reachable IMAP ser...

Christian on Mar 10, 2016

Dovecot now holds an extrapolated total of 3.5 million IMAP servers live world-wide. Nuremberg, Germany, March 10, 2016 – Dovecot, an OX company, has today announced that according to the Open Email Survey, its g...

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Are you relevant, or just a “dumb pipe” – what’s your value add?

Bob Krulcik on Feb 26, 2016

Service providers need to address head-on the OTT threat by adopting the 3R’s of business success: of Re-engagement, Recirculation and Retention – a topic I explored in a recent blog post.

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Business Poisons – What’s your tonic?

Rafael Laguna on Jan 20, 2016

At last year’s Open-Xchange Summit in Berlin we were privileged enough to enjoy an inspiring keynote from TEDx speaker Jonathan MacDonald. During his talk, entitled “Disrupting the Value-chain: Innovation at Scal...

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Paris Has Reopened the Encryption Debate – Here’s Why It Shouldn’t

Rafael Laguna on Dec 21, 2015

The wave of terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, over the past month have reignited familiar feelings of grief, fear and anxiety over new threats. And as we normally see whenever a new, dist...

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Flying start for OX-as-a-Service

guest on Dec 18, 2015

By Joost Pisters, CEO LuxCloud LuxCloud, a leader in Cloud Service Brokerage enablement, has been enabling its Sales Partners to resell cloud services for the last 5 years. Within these years we have seen a lot o...

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Exposing Google’s New Business Model of Data Mining Students

Rafael Laguna on Dec 9, 2015

The EFF’s discovery that Google is using the Chromebooks it provided to public schools to collect the search and browsing data of students unfortunately comes as no real surprise. Google is, after all, in the bus...

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How the FTC Made Customer Data a Liability for Companies – And How to Fix I...

Rafael Laguna on Nov 9, 2015

It goes without saying that the last few years have seen an enormous surge in data breach activity. Cyber criminals and identity thieves are becoming increasingly adept at penetrating the databases of nearly any ...

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Ethical Design: More than just decoration

Rafael Laguna on Nov 6, 2015

When you think of design greats you think of the likes of James Dyson, Dieter Rems or Jonathan Ive. Creators of beautiful products designed with the end user at heart. But design should be more than this. The tru...

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Snoopers Charter Part 2: Why backdoors won’t work

guest on Nov 4, 2015

Today the UK government will outline new legislation called the Investigatory Powers Bill. According to the Daily Telegraph, the bill doesn’t plan to ban encryption services in general, but it will demand that se...

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