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Open-Xchange @ CCS Insight: 2020 & Beyond Predictions

Last week, the annual CCS Insight Predictions event took place in London, UK, and Open-Xchange was right in the center of action providing know-how and solutions around DNS and 5G, DNS encryption and IoT security.

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Oliver Michler Oct 10, 2019

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OX PowerDNS Recursor v4.2.0 is Available

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Alexander ter Haar Aug 20, 2019

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Open-Xchange at DNS Events

Part of my job as Presales Engineer at PowerDNS is to attend conferences which are related to DNS,to see the latest trends, and also discuss those topics with the community.

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Nico Cartron Aug 5, 2019

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DNS latency in a 5G network

With an estimated 1.5 billion of us expected to be connected to 5G networks by 2024, there’s no doubt that this next generation of wireless technology will have a profound effect on the future of technology and connectivity.

Amongst other goals, 5G aims...

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Neil Cook Jun 3, 2019

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Promoting a discussion on DNS-over-HTTPS

In the last few months, we have seen a lot of community discussion around the latest development in the internet’s naming system, a new protocol called DNS-over-HTTPS.

The DNS—the mechanism through which you can actually reach any online service or...

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Vittorio Bertola Nov 23, 2018

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Meet Open-Xchange at the Canadian ISP Summit

The Canadian ISP Summit is a multi-day conference designed specifically for Internet Service Providers in Toronto Canada on November 5-7, 2018. The event features many sessions on the latest industry trends and provides networking opportunities for...

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John Broomfield Oct 16, 2018

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OX Protect: what’s in the box?

We have recently launched OX Protect to help telcos and service providers keep their customers’ homes and families of safe. OX Protect secures home and mobile networks against malware and Internet of Things (IoT) related threats. It also safeguards...

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Neil Cook Oct 10, 2018

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Family and Network Protection with OX Protect

The onset of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is affecting everybody: smart TVs, satellite navigation systems, fitness trackers, and even clocks and fridges are becoming an integral part of our everyday life. New technology comes with vulnerabilities, and...

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Neil Cook Sep 25, 2018

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DNS: the solution to online security and control

Internet service providers all aim to provide fast and reliable access. With the growing importance of the Internet and the explosion in the number of connected devices in a household, improving security is becoming increasingly vital. As discussed...

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Alexander ter Haar Sep 14, 2018

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On Firefox moving DNS to a third party

DNS lookups occur for every website visited. The processor of DNS requests gets a complete picture of what a household or phone is doing on the internet. In addition, DNS can be used to block sites or to discover if devices are accessing malware or are...

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Bert Hubert Sep 4, 2018