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New survey reveals UK consumers more likely to ditch Facebook services than Huawei products

Open-Xchange examines UK consumer trust in the technology sector

  • 33% of Britons expressed a desire to stop using Facebook-owned services; 11% of UK consumers expressed a desire to stop using Huawei products
  • 63% of Britons don’t believe that the big...
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Open-Xchange Oct 17, 2019

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Open-Xchange @ CCS Insight: 2020 & Beyond Predictions

Last week, the annual CCS Insight Predictions event took place in London, UK, and Open-Xchange was right in the center of action providing know-how and solutions around DNS and 5G, DNS encryption and IoT security.

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Oliver Michler Oct 10, 2019

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COI Soon to Become Reality

The Open-Xchange COI (Chat Over IMAP) project, launched to create a new and open alternative to chat, is reaching a major milestone. Both a COI-enabled Dovecot email sever and an open source COI app have recently entered the Open-Xchange QA labs for...

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Robert Virkus Oct 1, 2019

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Keep CTRL at OX Summit and Beyond

Ahead of OX Summit 2019 in Madrid, we wanted to announce this year’s summit motto will be Keep CTRL of Your Business, which is very much in keeping with some of the product updates currently underway at Open-Xchange.

In a year where we’ve seen a 54%...

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John Broomfield Aug 30, 2019

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Open-Xchange at DNS Events

Part of my job as Presales Engineer at PowerDNS is to attend conferences which are related to DNS,to see the latest trends, and also discuss those topics with the community.

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Nico Cartron Aug 5, 2019

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A Giant Leap for Innovation: OX CEO joins SprinD as designated Founding Director

Fifty years ago this month, humankind achieved arguably its greatest accomplishment to date and landed two earthlings on the Moon.

As many people already know, I have also always been a space geek. And I consider myself very lucky to have grown up after...

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Rafael Laguna Jul 17, 2019

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OX Customer Success - your partners in growth

OX Customer Success was launched over 6 years ago by Maurice Hofmann, VP of Marketing & Customer Success. At that time, we were hearing the same thing from our customers:  they were excited about launching Open-Xchange products but did not have the...

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Hillary Close Jul 12, 2019

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OX Summit 2019: Privacy and Openness in the Spanish Capital

It’s that time of year again! After a tremendous OXS 2018 in Rome last year, Open-Xchange is excited to announce that we will be hosting our 11th European Summit in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Here - as always - partners, products and positioning for...

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John Broomfield Jun 24, 2019

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OX Dovecot Pro v2.3.6: Highlights

OX Dovecot Pro v2.3.6 was released on 7 May 2019.  Two new features in this version are described below; additional features and fixes can be found in the Release Notes.

New obox Index Merge Algorithm

This release introduces a new mailbox index merging...

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Michael Sluzars May 23, 2019

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New versions of OX App Suite, OX Documents and OX Guard available

We are happy to announce that Open-Xchange has just released new versions for three of its products: Both the messaging and collaboration platform OX App Suite and the office suite OX Documents now ship as version 7.10.2. OX Guard, OX App Suite’s...

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Benjamin Otterbach May 15, 2019