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OX @ Events in 2020

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John Broomfield Feb 14, 2020

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Open-Xchange at FOSDEM 2020: When will messaging via email crash the monopolies?

In February Open-Xchange are returning to Brussels for FOSDEM, Europe’s leading gathering of the open source community. A lot has happened since I spoke at last year’s conference and introduced the then new COI (Chat-Over-IMAP) initiative.

Over the...

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Robert Virkus Jan 16, 2020


Merry OXmas and a Happy New Year

There is no time more fitting to say THANK YOU and to wish you health, happiness, and prosperity as 2019 comes to an end.

From everyone at Open-Xchange, we wish you a happy holiday season that is full of joy, happiness and special times with your...

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Stefanie Schnütchen Dec 20, 2019

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Our biggest Black Friday ever: Open-Xchange processes 13 million emails an hour as e-commerce booms

Over the last decade, the Black Friday weekend has become one of the biggest events on the calendar, both for shoppers and the companies working behind the screen. This year was no exception, with data from Barclays revealing that UK Black Friday...

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John Broomfield Dec 10, 2019

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Defending the Open Internet Through Interoperability

Last week in Berlin, the stakeholders of the net met at the annual United Nations Internet Governance Forum to discuss the problems that affect the Internet, ranging from hate speech to the concentration of online services in the hands of a few...

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Vittorio Bertola Dec 5, 2019

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World-Class Solution Architects

At Open-Xchange, we aim to be a trusted partner in your business. A key part of this partnership is our Sales Engineering team. The OX Sales Engineering team works with your team to find the right technical solutions for your needs and brings in the...

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Open-Xchange Nov 18, 2019

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Control kept? Looking Back at OX Summit 2019 in Madrid!

The hurdle seems to get higher every year, but this October the event team (and all the other OX folk involved in presenting, demoing and organizing) pulled out all the stops again to make our 11th European Summit in Madrid a resounding success. The...

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John Broomfield Oct 30, 2019

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New survey reveals UK consumers more likely to ditch Facebook services than Huawei products

Open-Xchange examines UK consumer trust in the technology sector

  • 33% of Britons expressed a desire to stop using Facebook-owned services; 11% of UK consumers expressed a desire to stop using Huawei products
  • 63% of Britons don’t believe that the big...
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Open-Xchange Oct 17, 2019

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Open-Xchange @ CCS Insight: 2020 & Beyond Predictions

Last week, the annual CCS Insight Predictions event took place in London, UK, and Open-Xchange was right in the center of action providing know-how and solutions around DNS and 5G, DNS encryption and IoT security.

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Oliver Michler Oct 10, 2019

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COI Soon to Become Reality

The Open-Xchange COI (Chat Over IMAP) project, launched to create a new and open alternative to chat, is reaching a major milestone. Both a COI-enabled Dovecot email sever and an open source COI app have recently entered the Open-Xchange QA labs for...

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Robert Virkus Oct 1, 2019