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How the FTC Made Customer Data a Liability for Companies – And How to Fix I...

Rafael Laguna on Nov 9, 2015

It goes without saying that the last few years have seen an enormous surge in data breach activity. Cyber criminals and identity thieves are becoming increasingly adept at penetrating the databases of nearly any ...

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Ethical Design: More than just decoration

Rafael Laguna on Nov 6, 2015

When you think of design greats you think of the likes of James Dyson, Dieter Rems or Jonathan Ive. Creators of beautiful products designed with the end user at heart. But design should be more than this. The tru...

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Snoopers Charter Part 2: Why backdoors won’t work

guest on Nov 4, 2015

Today the UK government will outline new legislation called the Investigatory Powers Bill. According to the Daily Telegraph, the bill doesn’t plan to ban encryption services in general, but it will demand that se...

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What the Safe Harbor Ruling means for Business and Consumers

Chris Latterell on Oct 30, 2015

With the ECJ’s Safe Harbor ruling and, more broadly, the practice of U.S. companies processing E.U. data has been finally recognized to be as unsafe as we’ve always thought.

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OX Mail is here – get it on your smartphone now

ReneOtto on Oct 28, 2015

Now, I know I don’t really need to tell you what email is. Or what it’s for, or why it’s important, or that people quite like to receive and send it from their phones these days (there are plenty of surveys out t...

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Powering the World’s Email with Trusted Internet Services

guest on Oct 16, 2015

Trust is the critical factor for making relationships between consumers and service providers sustainable. It’s vital that service providers are seen to be taking an active role in the privacy and security of the...

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Regain Control of Your Messaging Environment with Cloudmark Security Platfo...

guest on Sep 23, 2015

Cloudmark Security Platform is a high performance messaging security solution that enables industry-leading protection against malicious threats such as, spam, phishing and malware, which result in user data thef...

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Providing first tier support – Why writing and owning your software is crit...

guest on Aug 18, 2015

The recently exposed denial-of-service vulnerability in a popular DNS server implementation really highlights the benefits of software providers writing and owning the software that they deliver to internet servi...

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Report: New OX Guard version pushes easy PGP mail encryption

guest on Aug 12, 2015

Summary: Open-Xchange’s encryption tool for email and files now fully supports PGP encryption to enable an easy way for average users to send encrypted emails and share files.

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Forget inadequate tools and plugins like Mailvelope – OX Guard is the solut...

guest on Jul 5, 2015

Peer Heinlein, CEO of mailbox.org, explains why he thinks OX Guard will help more providers deliver secure PGP email encryption for more users. When we recently announced that

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