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Integrating OX efficiently into customers’ environments

guest on Aug 29, 2016

How enterprises benefit from the collaboration between Open-Xchange and their integration partner tarent solutions.

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Going public with our new bug bounty program

Neil Cook on Aug 8, 2016

I have some really exciting news this week, which I’ve been wanting to share for a while. The Open-Xchange group of companies, including PowerDNS and Dovecot, now have public bug bounty programs hosted on hackero...

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Considering using Infrastructure as a Service? Why Dovecot’s Encryption of ...

Neil Cook on Jul 20, 2016

Today I want to talk about encryption again. Previously I’ve blogged about the benefits of transport encryption, particularly for protecting emails from man-in-the-middle snooping or mass surveillance, which is s...

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Open-Xchange releases eM Client for OX App Suite

Christian on Jun 23, 2016

Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of eM Client for OX App Suite, a full-featured, easy to use email client for Windows users. As well as email, eM Client for OX App Suite also offers calendar, tasks...

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Responsible Disclosure for better Security

Neil Cook on Jun 6, 2016

Here at Open-Xchange, as you would expect, we take security very seriously. In order to provide safe and reliable software for our customers and their users we believe security vulnerabilities must be handled wit...

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Secure email transport required by the German Federal Office

The Editorial Team on May 26, 2016

This important document has been developed over the past nine months by a working group consisting of both BSI employees and representatives from assorted email providers including your very own Open-Xchange.

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Rackspace chooses Open-Xchange’s Dovecot Pro on Scality Object Storage for ...

Christian on May 24, 2016

Nuremberg, Germany, May 24, 2016 – Dovecot, an OX company, has today announced that Rackspace, one of the largest managed cloud companies in the US, will be using Dovecot Pro to power Rackspace´s Email Platform, ...

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Dismantling the Privacy vs Security Myth

Rafael Laguna on Apr 27, 2016

An encryption backdoor is an oxymoron. The mathematics behind cryptography and the realities of modern cybercrime mean that the presence of a single flaw in encryption technology ensures the inevitable failure of...

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Meet the OX Team at WHD.usa in Phoenix, May 25th-26th

Bob Krulcik on Apr 26, 2016

In May, over a thousand experts from the hosting and cloud industry will gather in Phoenix, Arizona for the second annual World Hosting Days USA. Among the many highlights on the agenda is internationally renowne...

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Disrupting the Data Economy: Innovation and technology-led bravery

Rafael Laguna on Jan 25, 2016

From both a political and a technological perspective, the landscape of Internet services in 2016 is one under massive strain and transformation. There is enormous pressure on companies to innovate and compete, w...

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