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Introducing OX Summit Partner: CM4all

guest on Sep 12, 2016

Are you market for a new website builder? Content Management AG has successfully developed site building solutions since 1999. Our flagship CM4all Sites product is a state-of-the-art site builder that works on an...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: ePages

guest on Sep 10, 2016

By Richard Stevenson, Head of Corporate Communications ePages The market for retail technology continues to surge with spend on e-commerce technology globally standing at $2.6 billion today and set to double by t...

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Tackling Password Brute-Forcing and Authentication Abuse

Neil Cook on Sep 8, 2016

Since joining Open-Xchange last year, one of the security products that I’ve been closest to has been a project that started as a collaboration between our colleagues at PowerDNS and Dovecot, which tackles the th...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: Univention

guest on Aug 29, 2016

Open-Xchange is an awesome, scalable solution and we see an increasing number of organizations using it in virtual private cloud setups. This rise in demand should be taken advantage of as it is an excellent oppo...

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Integrating OX efficiently into customers’ environments

guest on Aug 29, 2016

How enterprises benefit from the collaboration between Open-Xchange and their integration partner tarent solutions.

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Accelerate Time-to-Market and Grow Your Business with Acronis Backup Cloud

guest on Aug 17, 2016

Acronis — the global leader in full-image on-premise and cloud backup solutions — disrupted the data protection market with its first product announcement in 2003. Today, we continue to stand on the forefront of ...

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How can businesses go about drawing up guidelines to protect consumer priva...

Neil Cook on Aug 16, 2016

Companies like Google, Amazon and Cisco as well as a raft other companies (it seems like every company has to have an IOT play these days), have based whole business models on selling connected devices that perfo...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: SpamExperts

guest on Aug 11, 2016

SpamExperts is an industry leader in email security serving more than 2,000 service providers in over 80 countries across the world; the company provides premium email security software that works out of the box ...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: OpenIO

guest on Aug 10, 2016

Today and future challenges force businesses to consider innovative solutions to maintain and increase leading positions. With the ton of data generated everyday, current IT approaches to preserve, deliver and co...

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Market insight: Verizon acquires Yahoo – what does this mean for your ISP?

guest on Aug 8, 2016

Last week, after a process lasting many months, Verizon announced it is acquiring Yahoo. The dominant Internet portal only a decade ago, in more recent years Yahoo’s position has waned with the much publicised at...

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