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Introducing OX Summit Partner: Summa

guest on Sep 7, 2017

Summa designs and develops communications and collaboration solutions and platforms for service providers, telco’s, ISVs and hosting providers. Summa has a software focus and has evolved out of an independent Ser...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: audriga

guest on Sep 3, 2017

audriga is a data portability pioneer – helping internet users move easily between service providers – helping service providers onboard new customers – and helping business comply with the EU’s new “right to dat...

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Why parental control is a telco opportunity

Rafael Laguna on Aug 25, 2017

It’s clear that protecting children online is a very serious issue. A key element of this is restricting their access to inappropriate content such as pornography. In April 2018, new legislation will force UK por...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: rankingCoach

guest on Aug 23, 2017

The mass hosting industry is changing. To stay competitive, relevant and successful, companies need to professionalize their upsell, maximise their cross-sell and optimize the range of products on offer. rankingC...

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Open-Xchange to host CalConnect XL in Cologne

Christian Egle on Aug 22, 2017

We’re delighted to announce that this year we’ll be hosting the next CalConnect Conference in Cologne between Sept 25th – 29th 2017. As usual, the meeting is open to members and non-members and is split into two ...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: ePages

guest on Jul 28, 2017

Online shopping is undoubtedly one of the most significant online activities worldwide, with total ecommerce sales expected to hit $2.35 trillion this year. Ecommerce as a proportion of total global retail sales ...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: Shore

guest on Jul 26, 2017

Shore is a Munich-based SAAS company with offices in Germany, Spain and the U.S. We offer a modular, industry-independent software solution that enables small and medium-sized service providers to increase their ...

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Create and edit websites — anytime, anywhere, any device

guest on Jul 14, 2017

Content Management AG has successfully developed site building solutions since 1999. Our flagship product is the state-of-the-art site builder CM4all Sites, which enables users to create stunning websites as well...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: Univention

guest on Jul 8, 2017

Organizations need flexible, controllable, and secure IT infrastructures. Flexible, in the sense they can directly just use the solutions they need instead of having to costly integrates them into their environme...

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: SpamExperts

guest on Jun 28, 2017

SpamExperts’ mission is to secure email worldwide. Serving more than 2,200 service providers in over 100 countries, the company provides premium email security software that works out of the box and can seamlessl...

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