Supporting Your Success: Meet the OX Customer Success Team

Feb 21, 2022

Supporting Your Success

Open-Xchange has been working with customers on delivering email to their end-users for more than a decade, so we understand that integrating a new email product can be challenging. Whether you are migrating your users from another product to OX Cloud or launching OX Cloud as a new email offering, the OX Customer Success team is there to support you and provide the guidance you need every step of the way.

We are an experienced team – with more than ten years’ experience supporting the largest Web Hosters, Internet Service Providers and Telecoms companies in the world – and are led by Hillary Close, Director, Customer Success who is focused on customers in the Americas and Bianca Lopes, Manager, Customer Success, who looks after customers in EMEA.

OX products are revenue generators, and the OX Customer Success team helps you put the right strategies and tactics in place that will have the most impact on your bottom line. We provide two levels of service via the ‘OX Cloud Reseller Program’ and the ‘Full-Service Package’.

The OX Cloud Reseller Program is included for all OX Cloud engagements and provides all the tools you need for implementation, including best practices, strategies, and templates to support a successful launch of OX Cloud.

You’ll benefit from our comprehensive guide to onboarding, activating and upselling users, with the ultimate goal of increasing your ARPU. The materials are continually refined and always up to date, based on our experience in supporting launches and actively working with customers around the world.

For an additional fee, the Full-Service Package means that the OX Customer Success team will partner with you on key initiatives to ensure your long-term success. We begin by introducing OX products and fully onboarding your marketing, sales, customer care and product management teams, ensuring that you get up to speed quickly. We will help integrate your teams to ensure that they are all working together, focusing on the same goals, milestones, and deliverables. 

We partner with you end-to-end, helping build your growth hacking strategies focused on onboarding, activating, and upselling users to increase your ARPU. In addition, we help you identify opportunities, prioritize projects, design programs, develop growth strategies and promotional campaigns, oversee execution, and analyze your results.

For further information about the OX Customer Success team or to talk to someone about how we can help your business make money from email, visit our Customer Success webpage.

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Hillary Close

Hillary Close

Director Customer Success


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