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Increase in email traffic highlights its importance for both businesses and consumers at this critical time

Among the many far-reaching consequences of Covid-19 is its impact on our daily working lives. The restrictions on movement and the shift to working from home has forced employees and families alike to find new and more creative ways of collaborating...

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Stephan Martin Apr 20, 2020

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Training @ OX

Technical training is the most efficient way to learn how to install and configure software. Our technical training courses are hands-on labs where each participant builds and configures their own fully operational multi-node environment. These...

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Owen Stevens Apr 9, 2020

Can a coronavirus tracking app be both effective and privacy-centric?


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Vittorio Bertola Apr 9, 2020

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Dovecot IMAP Server’s market share has grown again

The results of this year’s Open Email Survey (2020) are now in. Even in a year of IT consolidation the Open-Xchange Dovecot IMAP Server’s market share has grown again. After scanning the Internet and detecting nearly four million servers, Dovecot was...

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Timo Sirainen Mar 31, 2020

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What the arrival of 5G means for IoT security

This year, EE and Vodafone became the first network operators to offer 5G network technology, with O2, BT Mobile and Sky Mobile set to soon follow suit. Within the next five years, we now expect to see a huge uptake in 5G subscribers worldwide, with...

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Neil Cook Mar 24, 2020

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BT starts DoH trial with DNSdist

It is very likely that you heard and read a lot about the importance of DNS encryption in the last few months. Open-Xchange emphasizes the importance of DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT), as well as the importance of keeping DNS available at...

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Neil Cook Mar 19, 2020

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The pros and pitfalls of security for open source

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Katie Smid Mar 19, 2020

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Ensure your mobile app is economically viable

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Katie Smid Mar 9, 2020

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OX @ Events in 2020

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John Broomfield Feb 14, 2020

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Rafael Laguna Feb 1, 2020