Introducing OX Summit Partner: Utimaco

May 22, 2017

Telecommunication service providers are required to be compliant to the regulatory legal framework in many countries, when introducing new telecommunication technologies and services.

Since 1994 Utimaco has been developing lawful interception and data retention systems for telecom operators and Internet service providers. Utimaco’s carrier-grade lawful interception (LI) and data retention (DR) systems enable real-time monitoring and long term data retention in public telecommunication networks. The systems interface with essentially all common network technologies and communications services. Utimaco is the preferred partner of many of the world’s leading network equipment vendors.

Utimaco compliance solutions help network operators, service providers and law enforcement agencies to comply with national laws and regulations for telecom monitoring. With around 300 installations in over 90 countries, Utimaco is a leading global supplier in the Lawful Interception and Data Retention market.

Utimaco participates in LI standardization and supports international standardization institutes and industry associations, such as, ETSI, 3GPP, ANSI/ATIS, and Bitkom.

Customers and partners of Utimaco in all parts of the world trust the long-term proven reliability and investment protection, as well as the manifold certified IT-security standards. Utimaco stands for recognized product quality, user-friendly software, excellent support and trusted high-security, made in Germany.

A strong team …

The Utimaco LIMS and the Utimaco DRS have been developed by a team of telecom professionals with about 20 years of working experience in this field. At Utimaco, about 75% of our professionals are exclusively involved in product development and customer service. The Utimaco team is committed to ongoing investment in product research and development to provide all of our customers with the very best-of-breed solution.

… and a strong partner

We build relationships with our partners that go far beyond the normal vendor-client relationship and are based on trust, honesty, reliability and openness. We provide products, support, and training that contribute significantly to the technical work and business prosperity of our partners and customers. We are responsive to the needs of our customers in product design, technical support, and customer service. We provide exceptional value and a level of personalized service which set a new standard in our industry, a standard with which our competitors must measure themselves. These are the reasons why many of the leading telecom infrastructure suppliers worldwide rely on products and solutions developed by Utimaco.

We look forward to meeting you at OX Summit in Bruxelles!

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