Introducing OX Summit Partner: Univention

Aug 29, 2016

Open-Xchange is an awesome, scalable solution and we see an increasing number of organizations using it in virtual private cloud setups. This rise in demand should be taken advantage of as it is an excellent opportunity for cloud and managed service providers to deliver services of high value to a segment of potentially larger organizations.

But these larger organizations do need more than just a scalable OX installation. OX, as any other application, also needs to be integrated into the customer’s identity management system. Otherwise, it would constitute just another stand-alone silo, imposing additional costs and risks. It should be easy for the customer to manage users, groups, and roles. In addition, many enterprise customers want to be able to determine service windows for updates individually.

With these aspects and requirements in mind, we created the Univention App Appliances. One of the first and best examples is the OX Appliance, which can be provisioned by service providers in a highly automated fashion. Customers can manage it conveniently with a brand-able web-GUI or integrate it into their existing identity management solutions like, for example, Microsoft Active Directory.

But that’s not all. By creating an instance of the customer’s identity management system service providers can easily extend it with the possibility to manage additional solutions with a very high upselling potential. And the best thing is: More than 90 solutions are already available for instant deployment from our App Center. Thanks to this, CSPs and MSPs can build a large portfolio of applications that are all easily combinable and integrated with each other.

We are currently pushing this all towards a minimalistic system architecture, meeting today’s requirements of lightweight applications. With our decision to implement the container technology Docker we can provide encapsulated applications offering more security and better manageability.

The OX Appliance can be downloaded and tested with a few clicks from the Univention App Center at:

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