Introducing OX Summit Partner: Univention

Jul 8, 2017

Organizations need flexible, controllable, and secure IT infrastructures. Flexible, in the sense they can directly just use the solutions they need instead of having to costly integrates them into their environment or to adapt them to their needs. Controllable in terms of managing access rights as well as to the question in whose data center they use which service and what data to store. And secure as to transparency, the storage of data and easy implementation of updates.

With the Univention App Center, we have created a platform with which companies, authorities, and managed service providers can directly integrate more than 90 apps into their IT. Flexible, controllable and secure. The Univention App Center does not only offer a wide range of different solutions for businesses, government agencies and schools. In addition, update mechanisms for the apps make sure that users can always use maintained and supported versions. Control is given by a central management console to easily manage and control all users and their access rights. And the integration into an embedded, central identity management system enables organizations to combine different applications and set up flexible structures.

For many managed service providers, the App Center has proven to be a great technical platform for delivering apps to their customers. We have created automatic provisioning, central administration, and possibilities to integrate billing systems to make Univention App Center a solution which is also easy to use and great to integrate for this group of our partners.

Open-Xchange was one of the first solutions we were able to offer via the Univention App Center. Thanks to ever-new exciting features, smart handling, and scalability, OX is still one of the top sellers among the apps. Also in projects with thousands and even millions of users, the combination of OX and UCS works brilliantly: Users enjoy smart and easy-to-use functions while administrators benefit from a powerful identity management for the administration of users, roles, and rights. Even the simple connection to Active Directory environments is possible, which also makes it very easy to use existing Windows environments that are prevalent in most organizations.

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