Introducing OX Summit Partner: Scality

Sep 21, 2015

Cloud computing has disrupted the technology landscape by changing how we build and consume technology. Google, Amazon, and other advanced service providers are powering this accelerated pace with a new model of IT: one based entirely on standard servers, powered by independent software. Scality is at the OX Summit to share the benefits of this approach – “software-defined” – with all Web Application and Cloud Service Providers.

Scality can help Web Application and Cloud Service Providers to get the flexibility and operational cost benefit of deploying their own storage infrastructure without writing the software themselves, and without paying the hidden cost of public cloud services. For example, while AWS S3 is cheap for storage, the cost of using S3 can skyrocket due to bandwidth costs. Cloud Service Providers need to expand their services to their customers but for that they need more efficient infrastructures to become competitive with the bigger players.

The Scality RING has been field-proven at top service providers worldwide to provide 100% service availability and the low latencies that your end-users demand. Your operations staff will appreciate the RING’s ability to easily support tens of billions of objects and its ability to self-heal, making middle of the night maintenance a thing of the past. Your CFO will crave the low cost of ownership. Solutions architects will love the RINGs native support for multiple file and object protocols and its existing integrations with leading platforms such as Open-Xchange and Dovecot.

At OX Summit, Scality will be available to discuss the challenges and opportunities you are facing with your services, and provide information on how the RING can help your service grow and thrive. Visit us at to learn more about our service provider solution. To experience the Scality RING yourself in five minutes, click here:

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