Introducing OX Summit Partner: OpenIO

Aug 10, 2016

Today and future challenges force businesses to consider innovative solutions to maintain and increase leading positions. With the ton of data generated everyday, current IT approaches to preserve, deliver and compute data hit a wall. Enterprises of all sizes want to build today the infrastructure for tomorrow and make it transparent to the applications and end-users.

OpenIO technology is an open source object storage software specifically designed to build and run massive storage infrastructure for the most demanding use cases. It is performance oriented, focused on low latency accesses and uniquely well suited for either small files (messages) or large ones (attachments).

With greater simplicity and efficiency, OpenIO SDS (Software Defined Storage) allows to build scale-out email storage while reducing the TCO. Thanks to OpenIO Grid for Apps technology, we also manage to integrate deeply Open-Xchange for services like full-text indexation, contacts and calendars storage, anti-virus processing, disrupting the way OX solutions store emails.

Email is part of OpenIO’s DNA. The technology was first created to solve the scalability issue of very large scale residential email platforms. For the past 10 years we architected, delivered & supported systems with tens of millions of production mailboxes and tens of Petabytes of storage, with remarkable stability and uptime. We are veteran production people.

Our team is glad to stand alongside the world’s greatest technological leaders in the email market. As part of OX Summit in Chicago and Frankfurt we are willing to address together with them the new challenges faced by service providers, helping them scaling with the next generation email storage platforms.

Visit to learn more about us and follow @openio on Twitter.

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