Introducing OX Summit Partner: Insight Level

Sep 17, 2017

One more year along and Insight Level is on the way to Bruxelles!!

This year, Insight Level is proud to announce that SquidOX has been successfully deployed with a Service Provider in Mexico for Open-Xchange as a Service Platform serving thousands of Enterprise Users, Resellers and Value Added Resellers; allowing to increase the revenue not only for the Service Provider, but for the entire distribution network through its Open-Xchange and Paypal out of the box integration; combined with the self-provisioning customer tool and the integrated billing features it will help reduce the costs of mailbox management and technical support.

Moreover, there is a great roadmap to integrate and provide external cloud services and IoT devices and platforms, InsightLevel is upgrading SquidOX to Squid; based on the stunning and disruptive solution for selling and delivering electronic products in a multilevel way, Squid will create the next business model generation for small business markets founded on distribution networks for TELCOS, CSPs and Hosters; that will allow them to build a solid ecosystem of Partners, Resellers and Providers to package their services and products in a simple way.

As our team continues exploring new and radical ways to bring ideas to reality new challenges came along and Squid is fully equipped with everything you need to gain market share in today’s emerging economies.

With Squid you can deliver an amazing user experience to your customers by giving them the ability to manage, provision and sell every single piece of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

Squid, the next generation platform for the next generation business!…

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