Introducing OX Summit Partner: Halon Security

Sep 21, 2015

We are part of the growing ecosystem and as our friends in the community we have a given place. Happy to make your acquaintance: – Halon Security, proud partners at the OX Summit and ready to meet you!

Halon Security develops a software platform for email delivering, filtering and anti-spam, which is purpose-built to facilitate large-scale email infrastructures.

The Halon email platform consolidates the technology for business critical functionalities, simplifying for providers in their email handling issues (all within the scoop of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, SMTP). Due to seamless integration possibilities, via scripting, our email platform has proven to reduce initial capital cost, ongoing support and maintenance costs, rack space, and ongoing power and cooling requirements up to 70%.

How is this possible you may ask? – Well for starters meet us at the magnetic OX Summit and we will give you a full demo of our platform and we’d be happy to discuss what is possible for your specific environment – as we’ve learned they all vary. The Halon email platform is flexible and scalable through the advanced scripting capabilities and has powerful open API’s, which enables us to make it the perfect fit for any provider looking to improve a current offering, or to expand through offering new ones.

We are true believers of open source projects and we have as long as we can remember been proud promoters of our community. This is our contribution for making technology come together – just as the OX Summit allows us to. Excitingly it’s just around the corner.


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