Introducing OX Summit Partner: ePages

Sep 10, 2016

By Richard Stevenson, Head of Corporate Communications ePages

The market for retail technology continues to surge with spend on e-commerce technology globally standing at $2.6 billion today and set to double by the end of the decade (Forrester). With our online shop software in the cloud, ePages makes powerful e-commerce ‘plug & play’ for SMBs in 75 countries, with state of the art functionality for both front- and back- office success. Currently, over 140,000 merchants trust in ePages and use our solution to sell their goods online.

ePages is an industry-leading cloud-driven e-commerce solution offering all features a merchant requires for retail success. Our shops are optimized for smartphones and tablets, available in 15 languages, and include hundreds of functionalities and integrations born from strategic partnerships with over 60 technology partners. In the ePages App Store, merchants can select from a wide variety of additional applications that assist them in areas such as SEO, marketing, content and design. Our Theme Store offers beautiful, conversion optimized design themes for purchase.

ePages offers its white-label solution worldwide via leading international hosting and telco providers (such as 1&1, STRATO, Host Europe, Deutsche Telekom and BT) as well as logistics, telecommunications and yellow pages companies.

For sales partners, ePages is a highly attractive proposition, as our shop software can integrate seamlessly with existing products and services. With our extensive expertise in the industry, we are able to offer services to support the successful launch and marketing of shop software to their customer base.

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