Introducing OX Summit Partner: Dropmysite

Aug 14, 2015

$5 Billion is the 2015 email archiving market size and it is expected to grow at 40% CAGR. This presents a large and substantial market opportunity for service providers as many governmental agencies and regulatory organizations continue to establish more guidelines and requirements for message retention, accessibility, and security. Organizations must establish archiving systems to retain electronic communications and assure that requested materials are available in a timely manner.

Emails can also be lost due to email servers’ failures, accidental / intentional deletes, and sometimes unwillingness of organizations to add storage size. All of this can affect the business continuity of the organizations.

As a service provider, you know that your customers lose emails and then they expect you to get them back.Do you know whether your customer’s businesses follow all data retention compliance policies set by their governments.

Dropmysite is an industry leader in cloud backup solutions that help businesses to securely backup, recover and protect their website, email and mobile data. Dropmyemail is our award winning cloud email backup and archiving solution.

By offering Dropmyemail, Open-Xchange partners can now

increase their Average Revenue per User by over 20%reduce support costimprove customer stickinessreduce churn or lost customers

and finally, be a part of this fast growing $5 billion archiving market.

Learn more about how we can work together at the OX Summit 2015 in Berlin!


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