Introducing OX Summit Partner: DIGITEC

Jul 30, 2015

OX App Suite is an easy-to-use email, calendaring and communication tool, with millions of users worldwide. It also has a lot of useful features for business users. In fact, overtime, App Suite has evolved into a powerful collaboration and integration platform.

Getting the most out of App Suite, especially for small to enterprise sized on-site installations, is the main focus of DIGITEC. In addition to installation support and infrastructure integration we provide products and solutions to synchronize business data between OX App Suite and third party CRMs systems and integrate CMIS-based document management systems into OX Drive. Combined with the most recent App Suite components like OX Text, OX Spreadsheet and OX Messenger this results in an outstanding web-based collaboration and business application platform.

OX Deals

We have taken this experience with CRM integration and extension implementation and, in close cooperation with Open-Xchange, we have developed a brand new component for OX App Suite, called OX Deals. It is tightly integrated into OX App Suite and provides CRM-like management of contacts, activities and opportunities including sales pipe management, comprehensive reports and charts, all without the need of any third party software.

The app will be available through the usual Open-Xchange distribution channels and repositories. We are looking forward to unveil an OX Deals preview at OX Summit, October 8-9, in Berlin.

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