Introducing OX Summit Partner: rankingCoach

Aug 24, 2015

Just as Open-Xchange offers its customers the best collaboration software to make businesses more efficient, rankingCoach is is an outstanding DIY online marketing solution that is the easiest way to be successful online.

rankingCoach aims to empower small and midsized businesses to achieve higher visibility, more traffic and more sales online. Our hosting partners play a vital role in the process and are able to provide their customers with this valuable additional service to increase their APRU. Its market leading UI and intuitive approach makes rankingCoach attractive to all customers, regardless of previous knowledge of online marketing.

Our simple integration and highly scalable, ready to run business model for hosters allowed some of our partners to go to market within only 4 weeks! rankingCoach is also highly customizable for our partners´ corporate design and 100% localized, available in 11 languages and 23 countries with native support. For our partners offering rankingCoach has become a very profitable additional sales channel based on a risk-free revenue share model.

We are looking forward to become part of OX Summit and to offer all Open-Xchange partners a relevant online marketing tool for their customers.

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