Neil Cook

Neil Cook
PowerDNS Head of Product

'Legacy DNS architectures are inadequate for 5G'

Neil Cook on Oct 17, 2019

According to Neil Cook, VP DNS and Security Products at Open-Xchange, outdated DNS will cause 5G bottlenecks. By 2024, an estimated 1.9 billion people across the globe will be connected to superfast 5G networks -...

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IoT Security On A 5G Network and IoT Security Risks

Neil Cook on Jul 19, 2019

After years of speculation around the impending arrival of 5G, it has now well and truly arrived. In May this year, EE became the first wireless carrier to switch on the service, which is currently available in a...

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DNS latency in a 5G network

Neil Cook on Jun 3, 2019

With an estimated 1.5 billion of us expected to be connected to 5G networks by 2024, there’s no doubt that this next generation of wireless technology will have a profound effect on the future of technology and c...

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PowerDNS: Network-based security - changing the game for telcos and ISPs

Neil Cook on Apr 13, 2019

Consumer awareness of cybersecurity is at an all-time high. In fact, one in five respondents to a recent survey explained that they had become personal victims of a data breach, affecting their trust of certain c...

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How ISPs and CSPs can reap the benefits of network-based security

Neil Cook on Feb 19, 2019

Neil Cook, Open-Xchange Pressure is mounting for communications service providers (CSPs) to begin helping their customers prevent cyber-attacks, but this can be especially tough when users have entire families to...

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Introducing OX Abuse Shield 2.0

Neil Cook on Jan 16, 2019

Two years ago we announced the release of Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield, which was one of the first software solutions to specifically address the issue of login and authentication abuse for hosted services such as e...

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Introducing the OX Security Product Line

Neil Cook on Nov 14, 2018

With our recent launch of OX Protect, we have also introduced a new product line at Open-Xchange: the security portfolio. Security is omnipresent at Open-Xchange. It touches everything we do, on a day to day basi...

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What really keeps us up on Halloween night

Neil Cook on Oct 31, 2018

As Halloween approaches, our attention turns to the terrifying; the silly side of terrifying. Cue the usual assortment of terrible zombie makeup, laughable vampire costumes or, perhaps even worse – the person wit...

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PowerDNS Protect: what’s in the box?

Neil Cook on Oct 10, 2018

We have recently launched PowerDNS Protect to help telcos and service providers keep their customers’ homes and families of safe. PowerDNS Protect secures home and mobile networks against malware and Internet of ...

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Family and Network Protection with PowerDNS Protect

Neil Cook on Sep 25, 2018

The onset of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is affecting everybody: smart TVs, satellite navigation systems, fitness trackers, and even clocks and fridges are becoming an integral part of our everyday life. New t...

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