Google to retail domains; alarm bells unwarranted, bigger fish to fry

guest on Jan 20, 2015

Google exited private testing and launched its retail domain service to customers in the US. Technically this is still a beta service but it is a meaningful step forward from its original announcement last year.

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Setting the Standard

guest on Dec 19, 2014

By Carsten Dirks, COO, Open-Xchange Standards are perhaps one of the least thought about, but in some ways, most important aspects of modern life. It’s hard to imagine a life without widespread compatibility of p...

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WebRTC: Opening the Door for the Future of Telecoms now

guest on Nov 18, 2014

It’s been a long time coming, but there has been a lot of noise about WebRTC recently. Last month Mozilla and Telefonica announced a partnership that will deliver ‘Firefox Hello’, a WebRTC service integrated into...

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Open Letter to All Open-Xchange Partners

guest on Sep 3, 2014

This will be RPost´s first year participating in the OX user conference and our team looks forward to meeting with those attendees that are looking to ensure their email platform is current, competitive, and adap...

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Introducing Hostpoint Cloud Office. More than just email.

guest on Sep 2, 2014

Web hosting for everyone!’ was our motto when Hostpoint first switched on our servers back in 2001, and thirteen years later, this is truer than ever. Besides some of the biggest businesses in Switzerland includi...

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How has the IaaS market changed and how does it impact hosters?

guest on Aug 19, 2014

The competitive IaaS landscape continues to change and this has had an indelible impact on the hosting market. We take a look at the recent movements and discuss the key trends that are currently in motion and se...

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Open-Xchange adds reseller deployment model; opex, time to market

guest on Jun 25, 2014

Summary: Open-Xchange introduced a new deployment model for the App Suite messaging and collaboration platform called OX-as-a-Service.

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The Future of Communications Open: Is SIP dead or not?

guest on Apr 29, 2014

By Stijn Nijhuis, CEO, Voiceworks What’s happening in the telecom industry? The recent statement of Microsoft, during an Enterprise Connect panel on UC federation caused a big buzz in our industry. Albert Kooiman...

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Don´t blame Heartbleed on Open Source

guest on Apr 25, 2014

By Peter Ganten, CEO, Univention Thanks to the Heartbleed bug a growing number of people in the media claim a precarious situation of Open Source projects leading to problems like Heartbleed. I think this is not ...

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Hosters start moving beyond the big three to SaaS

guest on Nov 19, 2013

Guest Blog by Phil Shih, Structure Research Given the pace of the market’s development hosters have not been compelled to move very quickly. Many services still look the same as they did a decade ago. But that co...

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