“Open Source Partner of the Year 2015 Award” – thanks Microsoft!

guest on Jul 15, 2015

By Mikko Linnamäki, Co-Founder, Dovecot

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: Univention

guest on Jul 13, 2015

By Peter H. Ganten, CEO Univention GmbH

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: ePages

guest on Jul 8, 2015

By Wilfried Beeck, Founder & CEO, ePages

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Introducing OX Summit Partner: Fortnox

guest on Jul 7, 2015

By Holger Welzel, COO Fortnox Germany

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Forget inadequate tools and plugins like Mailvelope – OX Guard is the solut...

guest on Jul 5, 2015

Peer Heinlein, CEO of, explains why he thinks OX Guard will help more providers deliver secure PGP email encryption for more users. When we recently announced that

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Dovecot managed email is now available for $1 per Mailbox via Microsoft Azu...

guest on Jul 3, 2015

You may have heard via the Microsoft website that we’re offering Dovecot Mail as a Service via the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

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Obama apologises to Hollande: If the timing hadn’t been so funny, it would ...

guest on Jun 30, 2015

By Thomas Bioud, Open-Xchange VP Sales France and Benelux The phone call that Barack Obama made last week to François Hollande to tell him that the American intelligence services are no longer tapping his phone w...

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DNS: Your customer’s gateway to the Internet

guest on May 21, 2015

PowerDNS and Dovecot joined the Open-Xchange family at WorldWostingDay 2015 in Rust

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Governments are being short sighted in the current debate about encryption

guest on Apr 22, 2015

The night.TALK on encryption policy was one of the highlights of WorldHostingDays. The debate about the intersection of privacy, cryptography and national laws was one of the most fascinating debates I’ve partici...

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Powering the World´s Email as a Proud Member of the OX Family

guest on Mar 19, 2015

As we continue to help customers migrate to world-class IMAP solutions for optimal email storage, our mission just got stronger as we have become a new family member of Open-Xchange.

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