Open-Xchange partners with FUAGO to deliver OX Cloud to hosters and resellers

Nov 24, 2021

Enables companies to expand portfolios and deliver a proven hosted collaboration suite

Open-Xchange today announced that it is partnering with FUAGO to make OX Cloud
available to hosters and IT resellers, enabling them to expand their portfolio and deliver a
proven hosted email and collaboration suite to their end-users.
In order to deliver OX Cloud, FUAGO has developed the FUAGO Cloud Connector (FCC),
which allows resellers to easily add customers, link mail domains, and manage end-users.
This is part of the FUAGO roadmap to continuously enhance its provisioning tools, which
includes automatic invoicing capabilities.
Sascha Zucca, Director of Sales at FUAGO, said: "With OX Cloud and our FCC provisioning
platform, FUAGO can now offer partners a secure, modern and fully integrated email and
collaboration suite as a cloud solution. As a result, our resellers can start marketing
immediately and at an attractive price point. There is no complex in-house implementation
and GDPR-compliance is inherent, based on German data centers.”
This latest development comes in response to customer demand during the Covid-19
pandemic, which highlighted the importance of digitalization and remote access to communication and collaboration tools, irrespective of company size or sector.
OX Cloud is hosted and operated by Open-Xchange in geo-redundant data centers in
Germany and offers end-users a full suite of secure communication and collaboration tools,
including email, calendar, address book, tasks, and drive, along with security.
It enables small businesses with little or no IT knowledge to digitalize their business
communications. And, as an open-source alternative to hyperscale software vendors, data
protection and GDPR compliance are inherent in OX Cloud.
Frank Hoberg, Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer at Open-Xchange, said: “With OX Cloud
we are expanding our long-term partnership with FUAGO, which is ideally placed to deliver
the feature-rich fully hosted cloud email and collaboration platform as a real open alternative
to the hyperscale players. Based on proven technology, OX Cloud is easy to provision and
use, and can help drive profitable and sustainable email opportunities for companies of all sizes.”
For further details about OX Cloud, visit

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