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Jul 26, 2019


Reliable delivery is the most crucial component in making sure your message gets through to your end users.

When you target opt-in users with OX Engage, you ensure your message arrives. However, your email content is also a key factor in building relationship with your subscribers. 

The goal is to get subscribers to respond and interact with your marketing communications.  Sharing relevant content will keep them opening your emails and coming back for more. After all, it's the reason they signed up in the first place. 

Following are tips to help you create content that resonates:

  • Make sure your email doesn't include misleading subject lines. This minimizes the risk of user complaints and decreases the chance of them unsubscribing from further messages.
  • Use simple tactics like a branded From name so the end receiver knows it's actually you who is sending the email. 
  • More advanced tools like dynamic content will serve up the most valuable information possible.
  • Use a preference centre within your email marketing strategy to encourage recipient feedback and pinpoint what they consider useful. This will power-up your segmentation approach and help prevent recipient fatigue.
  • Furthermore, tailoring your email campaigns with an advanced segmentation tool lets you segment your campaigns based on multiple parameters with ease — incbehaviour and so on. luding elements like location, engagement, purchasing

All of these elements provide your recipients with a more valuable experience, results in a stronger brand connection, and increases the chances of conversion.


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