OX App Suite 7.6.2 What´s New Guide

Apr 20, 2015

OX App Suite 7.6.2 has been released last month.

OX App Suite – General Improvements

  • HTML Email Signatures
  • Comment field in Calendar invitation
  • Maximum Size Parameter in Mail Detail View
  • Improvements to OX Portal Xing-Widget

OX Documents – General

  • Improved template handling
  • IME support on Android
  • Native clipboard support on Android
  • Borders for images
  • Reduced number of toolbars for small devices

OX Text new features


  • Text frames
  • Display header and footer

OX Spreadsheet new features

  • Sorting
  • Filtering

OX Documents Viewer

  • Performance improvements
  • Select and copy text

An illustrated documentation can be found in the OX Documents 7.6.2. What’s New Guide.

About the author

Malte Timmermann

Malte Timmermann

Head of Development OX Hamburg


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