2015 Future of Open Source

Feb 26, 2015

The 2015 Future of Open Source Survey is in progress, closes March 6, 2015.

Open-Xchange is a strong supporter of Open Source Software. Our groupware solution “OX App Suite” is open source , so many people here participate in OSS Development for a long time now.

And the Hamburg team, who is working on “OX Documents“, has its very own OSS history. Most of us have been working on OpenOffice.org from its beginning in the year 2000, or even earlier, when it was closed source software called StarOffice.

Now we are doing it again. Still office productivity. Still open source. Still in Hamburg.

It would be great if many people completed the survey for 2015! Eager to see how results could look like – here are the results of 2014.

On page 3 you can see that each year more and more people complete the survey.

Let’s try to become more than 1500 this year! It doesn’t take long, just click here.

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Malte Timmermann

Malte Timmermann

Head of Development OX Hamburg


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