OX Upsell: In-app upsell with OX App Suite

Sep 5, 2019

You have probably read how Open-Xchange helps you leverage your monetization strategy and the three monetization solutions used to do so. Today, we are excited to let you know that we have launched a new version of one of those solutions: OX Upsell. OX Upsell provides in-app upsell within OX App Suite. It helps companies increase awareness of up-sellable and cross-sellable products while taking advantage of impulse purchase opportunities by removing barriers to purchase.

OX Upsell contains ready-to-use and customizable triggers that allow customers to place icons and text in pre-defined areas within the OX App Suite interface in order to create a call-to-action. The following triggers are available with OX Upsell:

Quick App – OX App Suite 7.10 offers optional quick launch apps that are tagged to the navigation bar. This lets users access their most frequently used applications with just one click. Those quick launch apps can be furnished with an icon to trigger a package upgrade.

Dropdown Menu – the dropdown menu in OX App Suite contains links to settings, help, log out and more. Customers can add another line to the top of this menu to up- or cross-sell to users.

App Launcher – The app launcher lets users navigate to all available OX App Suite applications. Customers can use the app launcher to also show applications, which are not part of the user’s current package. Those applications can be locked and marked with an icon and a dedicated color.

Folder Tree – The folder tree helps users organize, for example, their inboxes, address books, drive folders and more. Customers can use this area to add an upsell trigger consisting of an icon, text and a specific color.

Storage Quota – A storage quota bar in the folder tree of the mail, and drive applications, visualizes the used and remaining storage a user has. At the same time the storage quota bar offers the possibility to upgrade storage or upgrade to another package that includes more storage.

Portal Widget – The portal widget is a dedicated trigger within the Portal. One or many widgets can show images, text or combinations thereof. The widgets can also contain several "slides".

Portal Placements – within specific widgets on the Portal links to cross-sell opportunities are available. For example, the birthday widget, which provides an overview of upcoming birthdays of contacts, could contain a link to an e-commerce shop so that users can buy a gift immediately.

Those upsell triggers can link to a desired landing page or open a layer to display customized information for upsell purposes. The layer can be customized based on the packages that are available. In addition, a dedicated panel within the OX App Suite settings can provide an overview of the current package, used applications and the upsell options that are available.

OX Upsell can be fully customized, can integrate into your provisioning infrastructure, and helps generate additional revenue. Open-Xchange Customer Success and Monetization teams can support you with designing the triggers, upsell layers and settings panels, and provide best practices and proven tactics to meet individual needs. Reach out to your Open-Xchange account manager or contact us directly for more information on OX Upsell.

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