OX App Suite 7.10 is just around the corner

Apr 25, 2018

Open-Xchange is proud to announce the release of OX App Suite version 7.10 in June 2018. The sixth major release since the launch of OX App Suite in 2013 comes with significant design adjustments to enhance user experience and meet today’s user needs.

OX App Suite, Open-Xchange’s white-labeled email solution, combines webmail with contacts, calendar, tasks and a personal dashboard. It equips users with a fast and robust tool that comes with everything they need to organize daily webmail activities: online, offline and on their mobile device.

Keeping in line with Open-Xchange’s end-user strategy, OX App Suite 7.10 provides a new, modern look and feel. Based on user feedback, market trends and usability expert’s advice, Open-Xchange has adopted the new App Launcher, a quick-launch icon that contains all of the OX App Suite applications. The app launcher is located in the top bar, uses less space and reduces clutter. With one click users can select the OX App Suite module they would like to navigate to from all available applications.

OX App Suite now also uses floating pop-up windows for emails and detailed views. This means that composing an email or viewing appointment details will now be done in separate pop-up windows. Floating windows enable users to perform several activities at the same time and minimize inactive windows to a taskbar. The new window concept replaces the formerly used tabs within the navigation bar. To provide quicker access to frequently used actions we’ve introduced familiar right-click functionality. A right-click provides access to a menu with actions helping users perform the usual email actions more efficiently.

A new calendar makes it even easier for users to navigate through their appointments. A mini calendar is always available to allow users to quickly navigate to specific dates. We’ve introduced a new layout that displays a full year view. In addition, users can customize which calendars they choose to display using a checkbox. This provides users the flexibly to combine various calendars and appointments based on what’s needed in the moment. Users can now easily integrate data from external sources to import public holidays, sports schedules and more. Now providers have the option to add public calendars managed by ‘Schedjoules’. Schedjoules is a service that provides access to millions of public calendars and local events, worldwide. Please note: the use of Schedjoules is optional and requires a license.

The new calendar also comes with an updated scheduler that lets users zoom in and out to find free times for all participants of a planned appointment. Zooming in lets users schedule appointments more granularly, in as little as five-minute intervals.. By zooming out a wider range of dates can be scanned in one view, for example a full week or month. This provides a smooth user experience, even when scheduling appointments with many participants.

As always, we will provide you with a feature overview document containing all new and updated features and functions as soon as we launch OX App Suite 7.10. Stay tuned!

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