Libero Mail deploys Open-Xchange App Suite to 9 million users

Oct 5, 2017

Nuremberg, Germany, December 5, 2017 - Open-Xchange, market leading provider of open source email, productivity and security software for the service provider industry, has today announced that Libero Mail, Italiaonline’s (IOL) email service, has made its new Libero Email Service based on OX App Suite and Dovecot Pro available to over 9 million users.

Libero Mail is Italy´s most popular local free email service with users typically spending two hours and 34 minutes using the service. Libero Mail looked toward Open-Xchange for its unique proposition and state of the art solution to stay ahead of the competition.  OX App Suite is the leading open-source mail and productivity platform, designed to deliver great performance and user experience for telco, hoster and service providers customers. Dovecot Pro, known for its high-performance, security, scalability, modularity and ease of use, is the IMAP server of choice for ISPs, telcos, hosting companies and enterprises worldwide. The new release includes many updates, including:

  • New widget based landing page
  • OX Drive with a personal cloud storage
  • Unified inbox view and improved search capability
  • New Jumbo Mail service that enables large attachments based on the OX Drive Mail
  • Improved responsive interface for all screens with drag and drop capabilities

“We are pleased that Italiaonline will be bringing the full benefits of the OX App Suite to Libero and Virgilio Mail providing its users with first class easy-to-use email,” said Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange. “We are fully aware that services at this scale are constantly under pressure to improve usability and performance to ensure maximum value for both their advertising partners and end users. By choosing the integrated solution of Dovecot Pro and OX App Suite for Libero Mail, Italiaonline is one step ahead in meeting their customers’ needs.”

With privacy and data security becoming an increasingly important to users, the new Libero Mail solution offers robust security hosted in the new Tier IV Gold certified Supernap Data Center. At the authentication level, the mail is also equipped with systems that protect account access under special conditions. The Secure Password Service allows users to protect their account through two-factor authentication by sending verification code via SMS. For instance, the “anti-brute force attack” module, based on OX's Anti Abuse Shield product, blocks users from massive illegal attempts to steal passwords through sophisticated hacking operations. Customers can choose to reset their passwords to ensure that their account is secure.    

“All our sites are designed to offer the best service to users and advertisers. The Libero Mail is no exception and with the new look and features it becomes even more fluid, intuitive and especially user-friendly, that can customise it to your liking” commented Andrea Chiapponi, chief commercial officer at Italiaonline. “Our brand has always been characterised by innovation and service to users, in particular users of the mail account and message security. It is therefore essential to continue securing its quality and reliability.”
During the seven months migration project, the OX professional service team have migrated over 12 million active users, moving a total of over 2.5 petabytes of storage data.

Based on the OX App Suite and Dovecot Pro, the service will include personal cloud storage, provided by the OX Drive, with sync capabilities and a complete range of mobile apps.

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