Introducing Hostpoint Cloud Office. More than just email.

Sep 2, 2014

Web hosting for everyone!’ was our motto when Hostpoint first switched on our servers back in 2001, and thirteen years later, this is truer than ever. Besides some of the biggest businesses in Switzerland including MIGROS and Swiss Post, the foundation of Hostpoint will always be the many smaller private companies that rely on our services to keep their businesses online.

Over the years email has transformed to a crucial tool for business communication. It is vital for any business, and a solid, dependable email service is more essential than ever before. In today’s digital world, customer expectations to email have changed accordingly. For Hostpoint email always was and remains one of the most popular services that we offer our customers.

Hostpoint began working with Open-Xchange in 2007 when we offered OX Hosting Edition as the webmail platform to our customers. It has been an undoubted success since then, which is why we were delighted to finally offer the new OX App Suite and its enhanced feature set to all our subscribers branded as Hostpoint Cloud Office.

The most immediate change our 300,000 email users will notice is how it looks and feels. By logging on to Hostpoint Cloud Office they will be greeted with a clean, beautiful and modern interface which is, very importantly, Hostpoint branded. Webmail is a great opportunity to engage with our customers on a regular basis and having a well-designed, intuitive interface is essential for brand association. Many of the benefits of our service are discreet – you can’t brand fast connection speeds or service stability, so when we have the ability to attach our brand to a key offering, we must grab this opportunity with both hands.

The responsive design approach means that the mobile experience is greatly improved, and users can enjoy a consistent experience regardless of what device they use. Collaboration with users across domains is also easier with shared contacts and calendars as well as integration of external email accounts allowing effortless organisation for businesses.

With such a significant upgrade to our email service, Hostpoint were naturally cautious about the transition process. Any slip-ups could potentially mean lack of service to the 300,000 users that depend on us to get their job done. To ensure a smooth transition, Open-Xchange engineers provided technical support during the process and we experienced no service down-time during the process at all.

We have already received a lot of positive feedback from our customers about how much they enjoy using Hostpoint Cloud Office. The beauty of adopting OX App Suite is that it allows Hostpoint to seamlessly add additional functionality to Cloud Office. Open-Xchange has developed an email product for the future and through working with the OX Performance Program, Hostpoint were given valuable support and guidance on how to market it in a way which ensures our customers receive the full list of benefits. We’re already looking at new applications and services to offer our customers through the App Suite even more value.

Web hosting for everyone’ is still our motto, but if we include everything else, it is definitely not limited to solely web hosting anymore.

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