Innovation meets Networking at this year’s OX Summit in Rome

Jun 11, 2018

Following on the success of previous events, Open-Xchange comes to Rome at the end of September. This year’s event marks our 10th European Summit, and we’ve made sure to provide attendees with a special line-up.

We are excited to announce that Tim O’Reilly, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media, will be keynoting at OX Summit 2018 in Rome, September 27-28. One of the founding fathers of the open source movement, Tim has played an integral role in a number of conversations that have reshaped the computer industry. He played a central role in the formation of the “Web 2.0” model and has helped formulate multiple policies and initiatives associated with the modernization of government technology and policy around the world.

Tim’s keynote will be on the topic of his latest book, WTF? What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us, which looks at the way modern technologies are transforming the nature of work.

It is truly an honour to have such an eminent member of the tech community appear at OX Summit. During the lunch break, there will also be a book signing where you can chat to Tim and get a signed copy of his latest book.

After his keynote, Tim will be joined on stage by Open-Xchange CEO Rafael Laguna, where they will continue to discuss the transformation that is taking place and what the implications are for our products, customers and partners. Following this, Rafael will discuss the power of federated services: how a trusted, cross-platform ecosystem of software, hardware, and open source companies can create and maintain open markets and generate new revenue streams.

Rafael will be followed by Maurice Hofmann, our VP Customer Success who will touch on the importance of effective customer communication when deploying, or migrating to, OX App Suite. Furthermore, Neil Cook, our VP Security Products, will present OX Protect, our new network based security product. Launching in Rome, OX Protect is targeted at SMB and consumer audiences and is designed to help secure and safeguard subscribers, families and their connected devices. The Summit will come to an end with an executive panel discussion focused on innovation and how business leaders can enable it across their organisations, using a range of different tools and tactics.

The Rome event is the place to meet with partners, business executives and technology experts, as it offers a promising mixture of commercial and technical expertise, coming from the minds of some of the most passionate and active talent worldwide - across telcos, hosting providers and cable carriers, among others.

The OX Summit will be held at Casina Valadier, located at the heart of Villa Borghese, where many of ancient Rome‘s important families had their villas and gardens. The building is one of the most fascinating places in the Italian capital and just a short walk away from the Spanish Steps. As such, it is a favourite destination for both Romans and tourists, as the beautifully landscaped park with its history and art offers a wonderful view of the city.

Please see the full agenda and more information about OX Summit 2018 in Rome here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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John Broomfield

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