Dovecot market share jumps 11% to over two thirds of all reachable IMAP servers world-wide

Mar 10, 2016

Dovecot now holds an extrapolated total of 3.5 million IMAP servers live world-wide. Nuremberg, Germany, March 10, 2016 – Dovecot, an OX company, has today announced that according to the Open Email Survey, its global market share of observable IMAP servers now stands at 68.49%, yielding an extrapolated total of over 3.5 million Dovecot IMAP Server installations. This growth represents an increase of 11.35% from July 2014.

“When I started the Dovecot open source project in 2002, I didn’t even dare to dream that it would become the world’s most popular IMAP server software,” says Timo Sirainen, Chief Architect and Creator of Dovecot. “With this in mind, our current market share is both a fantastic team achievement and a testament to the contributions and support of our wonderful open source community.”

In 2015, Dovecot became a part of the Open-Xchange family with a shared and deep-rooted commitment to an open source model for delivering trusted applications. Together their aim was to becoming the world’s leading provider of open source cloud software for ISP’s, telcos, cable companies and cloud providers.

“This news is a result of the success of our commercial ISP and telco offering, Dovecot Pro,” commented Mikko Linnamäki, Dovecot co-founder. “The benefits of secure, stateless, reliable and scalable email services to service providers are clear to see. Our recent merger with Open-Xchange has given us the financial and organizational scale to better manage the large service provider installations that are the key to the fantastic market share we enjoy today.”

Dovecot has also been a key driver of the Trusted Email Service (TES) initiative with the aim of making email secure in transit between operators and on storage. The TES working group, which contains large telcos, ISPs, cable operators, email software developers, DNS experts, security specialists and users, has agreed to set guidelines for open and standard methods which will help to protect the security and privacy of email.

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OX is the world’s leading provider of open source software-as-a-service solutions for hosting, service provider and telecommunications companies. Deployed by the most innovative businesses worldwide, the OX flagship product – OX App Suite – gives people the freedom to work in ways that make them more productive and secure.

Since 2005, Open-Xchange has partnered with many of the largest providers in the world to deliver email, messaging and collaboration solutions that include secure storage, file and document management, and best-in-class IMAP and DNS management.

Today, with headquarters in Germany (Olpe and Nuremberg), and offices across Europe, the United States and in APAC, Open-Xchange is championing an open Internet that empowers business and private individuals alike. Learn more about the OX experience at:

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