Dovecot IMAP Server’s market share has grown again

Mar 31, 2020


The results of this year’s Open Email Survey (2020) are now in. Even in a year of IT consolidation the Open-Xchange Dovecot IMAP Server’s market share has grown again. After scanning the Internet and detecting nearly four million servers, Dovecot was found to have a market share of 76.93%. That is up from 76.2% last year. This may not seem like a lot, but is growing faster than any other email server, and translates to an extrapolated total of over five million live Dovecot servers world-wide.

The Open Email Survey, which covered 40 to 50 percent of all observable IPv4s worldwide, has been tracking IMAP server software since 2012. During those seven years, Dovecot has increased its market share from just under half (48.37%) to more than three quarters of the IMAP server market.

In 2015, Dovecot became part of the Open-Xchange family with a shared and deep-rooted commitment to an open source model for delivering trusted applications. Together our aim was to become the world’s leading provider of open source cloud software for ISPs, telcos, cable companies and cloud providers.

This news clearly shows the success of Dovecot’s commercial ISP and telco offering, Dovecot Pro. The benefits of secure, stateless, reliable and scalable email services are clearly apparent to service providers. Dovecot Pro is designed for critical deployments where hardware utilisation, uptime and performance are crucially important. Professional Dovecot support means that you are never alone if something goes wrong, something our customers value enormously.

Find out more about Dovecot Pro here.

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Timo Sirainen

Timo Sirainen

Co-Founder Dovecot


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