OX.io – Refining the OX User Experience

By Rafael Laguna, CEO Open-Xchange


On Tuesday 13th December, we were happy to announce that we are partnering with Qwant to develop a proof of concept (POC) for an online service offering a privacy oriented email, communication and collaboration platform with integrated search. The purpose of this POC is to gauge the potential for a consumer offering combining all the features of OX App Suite, together with the power and functionality of the Qwant search engine platform, all financed purely by user-controlled advertising.

The release of OX.io is a crucial step for us in our efforts to make our products and services as useful and relevant as possible to our customer and their users. We remain firmly committed to our promise that service providers are core to our business. We have always been, and will remain, focused on providing the best-in-class, open source software and carrier-grade services that allow our customers to deliver a continually evolving, attractive and up-to-date service.

With ox.io we will gain invaluable, direct exposure to end-users, and it is the perfect sandbox for us to acquire market insight from OX App Suite users first hand. There is so much we can learn from feedback from these consumers and SMBs, especially when it comes to user experience. How is their usage split between desktop and mobile device? Which element of OX App Suite is most useful for mobile customers? Where users get stuck? The list goes on!

This insight will allow us to effectively prioritize our product and features roadmap. By allocating developer resources accordingly, our applications will become more accessible and appealing. We can focus on identifying which parts of our software need special attention such as on-boarding, support and self-diagnosis. The result should be a range of products that accurately reflect market demands – to make them easier to deploy and use and more effective for our service provider customers.

What’s more, by keep our fingers on customers’ pulse we can immediately identify new market trends and changes in user behaviour. This is essential for staying at the edge of innovation – for the benefit of our partners and their customers.

For further details, please visit our FAQ page.