Introducing OX Presentation – Updates for OX App Suite and OX Guard


Open-Xchange is pleased to announce the release of OX App Suite v7.8.3, OX Documents v7.8.3, OX 6 v6.22.13 and OX Guard v2.6.0.

As always Open-Xchange strives to improve the usability and functionality of its products, this release is no exception. This release includes usability updates gained from extended usability testing as well as some brand new functionalities:

As part of the OX Documents 7.8.3 release we are launching OX Presentation, the latest member of our online creation, editing and collaboration applications that joins OX Text and OX Spreadsheet to complete OX Documents.

OX Presentation lets users create and edit slide decks online and works on all platforms and devices. Like OX Text and OX Spreadsheet it is not only designed to work online, but also allows round-trip editing with PowerPoint. OX Presentation makes collaborating with others easy and also offers sharing options so users can publish files.

Master slides and layouts

OX Presentation offers a variety of templates to help you start creating slide decks from scratch. In addition, Master slides can be created or edited to apply time-saving changes to all slides. As well as layout and master slides this release of OX Presentation focuses on delivering core features such as: text boxes, bullet points, numbering, shapes and inserting and aligning objects. A guided tour introduces OX Presentation to users to ensure a hassle-free onboarding.

OX Presenter

Work in progress or finished slide decks can be shared directly from OX Presentation or from within OX Drive. However, OX Presenter also allows presenting slides and pdf files without the need to leave OX App Suite. Users can either present their slides face-to-face and full-screen or provide their audience with a link to join the presentation remotely.

You can always find the latest product updates and also all information regarding OX App Suite, OX Guard and OX Documents on our What’s New website