See you tomorrow at OX Summit Frankfurt

By Chris Latterell, VP Marketing Open-Xchange

It’s just over a month since OX Summit Chicago closed its door and this Thursday, the Internet ecosystem of trusted providers will come together for the final part of the 8th annual OX Summit. More than 250 delegates are descending on the home of European Internet infrastructure, Frankfurt. Industry decision-makers and techies will join us along the banks of the lovely Main River for a day and a half of industry keynotes, product demonstrations, roadmap announcements and interactive partner sessions.


We’re looking forward to welcoming some big names in the hosting, telco, cable and mobile carrier space. Our aim is to foster an exchange of the valued business insight and technology expertise that service providers all over the world need to flourish.

Internationally renowned speaker and innovation guru Dave Birss will be debunking the Cult of New in his keynote. He will highlight the importance of developing existing resources and expertise to succeed rather than jumping on the ‘disruption’ bandwagon. Qwant CEO Eric Leandri will also explain the business case for trust in digital services and how new online privacy standards will open up untapped profits for service providers.

Finally Mikko Hypponen, esteemed Chief Research Officer at F-Secure will explain how the latest risks in cybersecurity are opening up new business opportunities for software solution companies. Mikko’s knowledgeable experience and timely examples will further the mandate that maintaining control over your data to ensure your own personal privacy must become standard practice. He’ll also discuss how you can protect yourself from governmental bulk surveillance and the dark side of the data economy.

The Internet was built on Open everything. But we’re constantly seeing attempts to locking it down with proprietary infrastructure platforms, devices and applications. We have an opportunity to open up the Internet again and make it a vibrant market place for all. At OX Summit Frankfurt we’ll discuss how this can be done and how you can be a part of it.

OX Summit will open on the Westhafen Pier 1, Frankfurt on Thursday 13th October. Doors for delegates officially open at 10AM and the first keynote will kick off at 11AM. I look forward to seeing you there!